APC Cardiovascular now launched an enhanced version of the device Motilium Online.

Itor monitors Peri – operative levels with Non-invasive Pulse Pressure VariationAfter the successful launch of the CNAP monitoring 500i earlier this year, APC Cardiovascular now launched an enhanced version of the device, the anesthetist can – operative measure peri fluid volume using non-invasive pulse pressure variation Motilium Online.

Currently it is the only device that anesthesiologists take complete control of your blood pressure non-invasively , and since its launch it has rapidly credibility anesthesiologists across the country can be won. – Speaking about the new, improved CNAP Monitor, Managing Director of APC Cardiovascular, Derrick Ebden, said: ‘The non-invasive assessment of fluid responsiveness makes the CNAP 500 monitor a unique device in combination with the continuous monitoring of blood pressure and its. Ease of use can improve the working conditions it the doctor’s office and ensures the quality of patient care. – ‘In recent working to improve have been interested in working to improve the technology and have liaised closely with the doctors to see how it could be improved to meet the needs of anesthesiologist We are very happy with the results and look forward. Extended extended CNAP device on AAGBIs conference in London next month. ‘.

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