The new WHO report and the associated FRAX tool

Tool thatHails IOF Fracture Risk Assessment Report and FRAX website as milestones in osteoporosis prevention and treatmentThe International Osteoporosis Foundation has of the of the World Health Organization technical report, Assessment of osteoporosis welcomes the primary health care level 1 and the FRAX Web site as important steps on the road to help health professionals worldwide easier patients at high risk of bone fractures to identify the treatment . The new WHO report and the associated FRAX tool, risk of osteoporosis fracture with clinical risk factors is expected of great use to health care professionals and policy makers throughout the world, especially in places where there were only DXA DXA machines. We know that early diagnosis and treatment can resources in health care resources in health care, so that of these two of these two assets as a very important milestone in the fight against osteoporosis, said IOF President Professor Pierre D. For example at the of primary health care level, which authored by Prof. Kanis et al was on 21 Published in February 2008. It is a technical report on the epidemiological and health economic analyzes population-based cohort in the world. A handy tool called FRAXTM been developed the the ten-year risk of fractures in men and women. – Professor John Kanis said: The report Assessment of osteoporosis at the level of primary health care, cost-benefit studies on specific drugs have shown that the treatment of patients on the basis of fracture risk cost-effective than treatment of osteoporotic patients identified only by bone mineral density measurements, for example, with former WHO definition of osteoporosis . The FRAX website provides health professionals with the tools they need a relevant a relevant assessment of fracture risk , do not even if they have access to have access to BMD testing. .

According to the survey, 15 percent of adults in the UK spend at least 30 minutes each day thinking about their body weight. 5 percent of women in the survey said they spend more than three hours a day thinking about their weight.

And more U.S. Citizens years 2003-2004 the 2003-2004 measures into by many patients health insurance Overcrowded – that fastest-growing group of people who are emergency admissions has middle-income patients with health insurance , rather than uninsured patients, in Baltimore Sun reports .

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Today the voted in voted increased efforts about suppliers, Kliniken and patient groups on the growing risk of maternal death in the U.S. And the significance by preconception cultivation to assist bringing up, and called for further trial of racial differences in maternal deaths. Has been identified together with obesity and hypertensive, racially determined differences as the greatest factor in the high in maternal mortality, said AMA Board of Management Samantha Rosman, MD Additional performed to conducted to better understand this worrying trend of the maternal mortality and to determine can be done in order to correct it.

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