The researchers predicted that the more participants rely on recollection with saline solution

The researchers predicted that the more participants rely on recollection with saline solution, the more they would be injured under the influence of midazolam . Their findings were consistent with those predictions. The researchers found that the participants memory while in the placebo condition was best for words, but the worst for abstract images. Midazolam impaired the recognition of words , and most did not affect the recognition of abstract pictures.

The experiment further reinforced the idea While the wordsability to remember , depends on the ability to link the stimulus to a context. While the words were specific and therefore easy to link to the experimental context, the photographs were of unknown people and unknown places and therefore difficult to clearly label. The abstract paintings were unusual and not something that a single word could be described unified. This meant that a person is not easy to associate the image with a frame, independent of drug condition.

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Cell Genesys announced data from one pivotal Phase 1/2 trial of GVAX immune therapy of prostate cancer in men with recurrent prostate cancer who have not yet been obtained a treatment hormones replacement therapy by prostate relapse according operational and / or radiotherapy. Data from the trial that incorporated 19 patients period of time GVAX immunotherapy of prostate cancer resulting in a statistically significant increase in in median PSA doubling times and formation prostate-associated antibodies to 79 per cent of patients received GVAX immune therapy. These data are currently used by Kristen Hegemann Vice President Clinical Research and Development will in and Cell Genesys, at the annual meeting of Tumor Vaccine and Cell Therapy Group to San Diego, California, to conjunction with the American Association for Cancer Research Jahrestagung instead.

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